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Select a RCA2GO version you like, the number of users, get automatic discounts, complete the purchase and you can gain access to an amazing Issue Management System and Problem Solving Tool.

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Number of users and related discounts

Choose the number of users that you would like to involve. The number of users defines the discount that is available — up to 80% discount for every user (for large numbers of users).

of users
1 – 3 0%
4 – 10 30%
11 – 18 35%
19 – 50 40%
51 – 100 45%
101 – 200 50%
201 – 400 60%
401 – 800 70%
801 – 2000 75%
More Than 2000 80%

If your company is a member of SIRF Roundtables then you may obtain a "Coupon code" from your SIRF Roundtable facilitators which will provide a 10% discount. Their contact details may be found by clicking here..

Payment options

Initial RCA2GO subscription is paid by credit card. Once you have an RCA2GO account you can pay by credit card or by purchase order. If your company has a policy of paying by purchase order then take the smallest subscription by credit card which will provide you with an account. Then organise a purchase order payment in the "Admin" menu. You will benefit from the volume discounts so the cost will be the same.

Using RCA2GO

When you buy access to RCA2GO, you get a "RCA2GO Site". Think of it as your virtual problem solving factory. You will have admin rights on your Site, so that you can add new users and can give different users different ability to participate in problem solving.

Web based RCA2GO is worry free

You don't need to download or install software or worry about storage issues. There is no extra burden on your IT department as they do not need to load software or maintain it. You can log into the RCA2GO and use it from any computer with a current web browser that is linked to the web — in the office or from the factory floor, at home or at the airport — it doesn't really matter. If you upgrade your computer, you don't need to worry about losing the software. Your problem solving analysis will be there when you next log into the RCA2GO website.

The latest version of the software is used when you log in. So latest bug fixes and enhancements are immediately available.

RCA Rt is a structured problem solving methodology. It is complimented with RCA2GO, a web-based rich software toolbox and issue management system available anytime, anywhere. Endless scalability in RCA Rt and accessibility of RCA2GO software empowers your entire team to solve and improve together. © Copyright 2017 by RCA Rt Pty Ltd.